Hand-standing sheep!? The story behind our logo

Hand-standing sheep!? The story behind our logo

"What's that logo all about then!?"

When we speak to FLOC customers, the conversation often turns to the cheeky sheep from our logo. Is it... twerking?? We thought it was high time we set the record straight.

Introducing... Flo! 

We wanted a mascot that could stand on its' own two feet and represent the whole ethos of FLOC. Like our products, Flo kicks against the existing model of wool manufacture. Wool is an incredibly sustainable material, but the way it is often marketed, sold and shipped is less than ideal.

We also wanted our logo to put the real heroes of our hats and scarves to the forefront. While some sheep follow the herd, there are those that stick two feet up at tradition...! 

So, that's the story behind the woolly mascot that sits proudly atop our hats and scarves

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